Introducing Chromassette: Modular Chromatography Platform with a Lattice Supported Bed

This webcast features: Jason Chiu, Product Marketing Scientist, Bioprocess Group, JSR Life Sciences

Chromassette®, a lattice-supporting modular chromatography device, eliminates the constraints of modern column chromatography. The Chromassette technology offers the separation capabilities of conventional chromatography plus the convenience, scalability and other benefits of a pre-packed cassette through its unique, internal scaffold structure that provides consistent “wall support” to all resin beads.

In this webinar we will discuss how Chromassette enables high flow-rates for any type of resin regardless of bead rigidity or bed volume.  Additionally, resin designs that may have desirable performance properties but cannot operate in current column designs can now be integrated into the cassette’s highly supported bed.

Unlike traditional columns, which scale-up non-linearly, the cassette’s form facilitates easy stacking and allows for a truly linear scale-up of resin volumes. Sizing the appropriate bed volume to match desired protein load is much easier to achieve with Chromassette. Ultimately, Chromassette can help users attain high productivity and efficiency in purification processes designed for rapid cycling and continuous processing.

Watch the recorded webcast below.