Lentiviral Vector Platform Generation: Increase Titer and Yield with Greater Predictability

This webcast features: Xin Xin, Group Leader, Small-Scale Upstream Process Development, and Senthil Kumar Kuppuswamy, Associate Principal Scientist, Downstream Process Development, WuXi Advanced Therapies

The field of cell and gene therapies has expanded rapidly in the past several years. Lentiviral vectors have been in great demand as gene carriers in this field, especially for ex vivo gene therapies. However, large-scale lentiviral vector production still remains a significant challenge. WuXi Advanced Therapies has worked with Lentivirus since 2015 and it launched a world-class Lenti adherent platform in 2017. In this webinar, we will reveal the latest improvements that increased viral vector titer and yield on our platform.

Key lessons learned:

  1. Significant increase of viral vector titer
  2. New adherent culture workflow with robust scale out strategy
  3. Optimized and simplified downstream processing with high yield
  4. Comprehensive formulation buffer screening
  5. An increase in integrated testing capacity

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