Maximizing Performance of Your Biologics Pipeline: Media and Process Optimization Using Cutting-Edge Tools

This webcast features: Yaron Silberberg, PhD, Chief Scientist, Ajinomoto Genexine.

Cell culture media composition and upstream bioprocess conditions are crucial factors affecting productivity in the production of biotherapeutics. In recent years, advanced techniques using IT approaches, including computer simulation of bioprocesses, AI and multi-omics methods for analysis of cellular metabolic pathways, allow optimization of both process and media composition for maximizing protein production and process productivity.

In this webinar, a quick overview of biologics production and the importance of cell culture media optimization will be addressed. In addition to traditional methods for media and process optimization, advanced techniques will be presented such as dynamic feeding manner and feed optimization using cutting-edge computer bio-simulations (‘Digital Twins’), as well as genome-scale flux analysis of metabolic pathways for optimizing media composition.

The presentation will focus on the following aspects in cell culture media and bioprocess optimization:
  • The importance of cell adaptation and feeding manner optimization​.
  • DoE approaches for amino acids optimization​.
  • Multi-omics and metabolic flux analysis for identification of metabolic bottlenecks and critical media components.
  • Cys supplement for enhancing protein production.

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