Minimize Risk With Rapid At-Line Concentration Measurement in Downstream Bioprocessing Applications

This webcast features: Paul Mania, Bioanalytics Applications Specialist, Repligen.

Traditional UV/Vis spectroscopy uses fixed pathlengths to measure different analytes, such as nucleic acids, proteins, and cells from biological samples. These samples are often limited in volume or highly concentrated, which presents various challenges.

The CTech™ SoloVPE® System uses a patented variable pathlength technology (VPT) to accurately measure the targeted concentration of various analytes. The system measures concentrations without being dependent on sample volume or sample concentration, removing any dilution requirements, removing the potential for dilution-related error.

In this webinar, we will review VPT and how it can be used in various applications from protein therapeutics to gene therapy. We will share real-world case studies demonstrating how companies have integrated the SoloVPE® System into their manufacturing workflow for release and in-process testing.

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