Mixed-Mode Chromatography Resins​ for Biomolecule Purification

This webcast features: Dr. Xuemei He, R&D Chromatography Media Chemistry Manager, Bio-Rad Laboratories

Mixed-mode chromatography has emerged as a viable purification method for biomolecules that are otherwise difficult to purify using traditional chromatography platforms and other established means. Scientists are gaining an increased understanding of mixed-mode mechanisms and how these interactions impact selectivity. The industry is becoming more adept at including mixed-mode steps in production processes while also working to address robustness, platform fit, and productivity. This webinar will examine mixed-mode chromatography for biomolecule purification. The ligand design impacts the strength and specificity of the interactions. Multiple interactions between stationary and mobile phases lead to unique selectivities and can facilitate separation of closely related proteins and contaminants.

Discussion topics:

  • Higher resolution compared to unimodal interactions
  • Improved yield and activity
  • Large design space for protein interaction
  • Minimal feed manipulation prior to binding
  • Mild operating conditions preserve activity

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