New Features for Single-Use Pumps in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Everybody has heard the axiom “time is money,” which highlights the belief that time is a valuable resource; therefore, it is better to do things as quickly as possible in order to make more money. This concept perfectly describes the current atmosphere within the biopharmaceutical industry, where drug manufacturers are struggling to overcome speed-to-market challenges in order to reap the financial benefits of an optimized patent window.

In order to bring their products to market, most biopharmaceutical-manufacturing systems employ a variety of pump technologies designed to handle and transfer liquid drug materials. Traditionally, permanent stainless-steel pumping and processing systems have been used for these operations, but the time and cost needed to operate, clean, maintain and quality control the system before the next production run could commence became prohibitive. That led to a true innovation for the industry, the creation of single-use pumps that feature a disposable pump chamber that can be easily removed and replaced between production runs, eliminating the time and cost needed to revalidate the equipment in a stainless-steel system.

While single-use pump technology has made great strides in helping manufacturers optimize their product-development timeline, there was still more ground that could be plowed in the realm of reducing the time needed for pump chamber replacement. This white paper illustrates how the breakthrough came with the development and release of a pump-chamber replacing system that allows manufacturers to replace a single-use pump chamber in 30 seconds or less. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s safe.

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