New High Performance AEX Resin for Large Biomolecule Purification

Nuvia HP-Q Product formats

This webcast features: Jiali Liao, Principal Scientist, Process Chromatography R&D, Bio-Rad Laboratories

Large molecule purification can be difficult due to their size. This leads to slow diffusion and mass transfer kinetics of the molecules into the pores of traditional chromatography resins, which decreases their binding capacity and resolution. In this webinar, Dr. Jiali Liao will introduce the design features of the Nuvia HP-Q bead matrix that help overcome these purification challenges.

Case studies on plasma protein and virus purification will be presented. These studies demonstrate the increased productivity and overall improved process economics for large biomolecule purification.


  • Challenges in large molecule purification
  • Introduction and how it works
  • Technical features and benefits
  • Applications