Next Generation PATfixTM Software

This webcast features: Blaž Goričar, Process Analytics Development Manager, BIA Separations, now a Sartorius company.

Process development and production of gene therapy products brings together people with different skills and specializations, hence PATfixTM software is built to address the needs and solve challenges of each. An integral part of the PATfixTM value proposition, the PATfixTM software strips away the complexity of chromatography at the day-to-day operational level, while retaining it for higher level tasks.

Analytical chromatography is rapidly gaining supremacy as the leading process development & optimization method for novel gene therapies, combining detection accuracy with the separation ability of analytical columns. PATfix™ software is designed to handle multidetector data processing and helps you extract maximum information from your samples.

PATfixTM software provides the following key features:

  • Local or remote hardware control of the PATfixTM triple detector setup (UV-Vis, Fluorescence and MALS) from any location.
  • A server/client based modern web application enables quick and powerful tools for advanced post-analysis chromatography data evaluation and calculations.
  • Interactive presentation allows easy collaboration and sharing of chromatography results with co-workers and clients.
  • Built-in analytical platforms provide easy to follow instructions from buffer preparation to report printing.

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