Optimizing Unit Operations In Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

There are many critical material-handling challenges regarding flow rates, pressure levels and the prevention of shear in the chromatography, virus filtration and TFF processes that are used in the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals. In order for these unique operations to be implemented successfully while handling fluids that can be sensitive, delicate and expensive, the operator must be aware of their specific operating characteristics and choose a pumping technology that can meet the strict demands for successful operation. While lobe and peristaltic (hose) pump technologies have been popular choices in this realm, a better solution can be the quaternary diaphragm pump.

This white paper will focus on the quaternary diaphragm pump’s innovative method of operation – four pistons and an eccentric shaft connected to an electric motor work in harmony to create a gentle pumping action that most closely resembles that of the human heart – allowing it to gently, safely and securely convey low-viscosity aqueous solutions and biopharmaceutical materials that are highly sensitive to shear forces and pulsation while being pumped. Additionally, quaternary diaphragm pumps can operate reliably whether used in a fixed stainless-steel production setup or in the increasingly popular single-use applications where replaceable pump chambers and other components can help optimize installation, changeover, maintenance and downtime costs.

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