Packing Rigid POROS Chromatography Resins: Efficient and Fast Method to Get Optimal Results

This webcast features: Dr. Anna Le Bris, Senior Application Specialist, Bioproduction, Thermo Fisher Scientific

POROS resins are widely used in commercial bioprocesses for the purification of large molecules, in both the capture and polish steps of downstream processing. POROS chromatography resins are based on a rigid polymer, allowing them to withstand very high pressure and be mechanically and chemically stable. Because POROS is a rigid bead, it can be packed in cGMP columns with volumes up to 1000 L. POROS convective technology allows for an efficient mass transfer and the ability to be used at high flow rate without compromising pressure, binding capacity, or resolution.

Packing rigid POROS beads is straightforward. It can be performed in any column hardware available on the market, using your preferred packing method ranging from flow-pack, to axial compression/stall-pack, or DAC.

In this webcast, Dr. Le Bris reviews the characteristics of POROS and the standard conditions to be used to ensure easy and efficient column packing and testing.

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