Polishing of Monoclonal Antibodies Using Capto™ MMC ImpRes in Bind and Elute Mode

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GE Healthcare Life Sciences MAb purification toolbox employs protein A chromatography media (resins) such as MabSelect SuRe™ or MabSelect SuRe LX, in the capture step. After the initial protein A step, there is a range of options for intermediate and polishing purification steps. One option is Capto MMC ImpRes, a new chromatographic medium based on a multimodal cation exchange ligand. This work describes a rapid procedure to establish a robust second step in bind/elute mode for the purification of a MAb using Capto MMC ImpRes. The medium provides high yield of monomeric MAb, as well as good clearance of aggregate, HCP, and leached protein A. A model approach to the choice of running parameters defined by the desired purification performance was also shown.