Promoter Discovery for Optimized Viral Vector Development

This webcast features: David W. Brighty, PhD, Head of Bioprocessing Research at OXGENE, WuXi Advanced Therapies.

A primary determinant of gene expression is invariably the activity of the promoter upstream of the regulated gene. Viral vectors used to deliver a therapeutic transgene into target cells to treat disease are no exception. For viral vectors, the promoters used to drive transgene expression are typically constitutively active, often display little tissue-specificity, and frequently fail to express the therapeutic transgene at optimum physiological levels. This lack of promoter optimization may lead to transgene toxicity, unwanted immune activation and/or therapeutic failure. Unfortunately, most natural host cell promoters are characteristically too large to incorporate into viral vectors or are sensitive to genomic context resulting in poor activity within an engineered viral genome. Fundamental advances in genomics and in screening technologies have revolutionized our approach to synthetic promoter design. These advances provide unique opportunities to optimize promoter design and to improve the clinical performance of viral vectors and the safety of gene therapies.

In this webinar, presented by Dr. David W. Brighty, you will learn how the scientists at OXGENE® can:

  • Provide bioinformatics-informed design and discovery of synthetic promoters not found in nature.
  • Design and screen for optimal promoter architectures that match client-defined vector and tissue specifications.
  • Fine tune promoter activity and/or tissue-specificity to that required for your particular therapeutic gene.
  • Optimize promoters to improve viral vector utility, safety, and efficacy.


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