Rapid High Performance Quantification of Human IgG Using an Automated Gyrolab System

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Gyros-Analytical-2015-smThe development and manufacture of biotherapeutics requires efficient and timely analytical support to monitor both quantity and quality in products and processes. Productivity is important already during early development. Further downstream, selected cell lines must be optimized for productivity, followed by bioprocess development to yield g/L concentrations of IgG product. The immunoassays that are often used to determine IgG titer must have the flexibility to measure the broad range of concentrations encountered during cell-line and process development, and Gyrolab huIgG Kit has been developed to meet this challenge. The convenience and robustness of kits is combined with the automation on Gyrolab system to enable 96 data points to be generated in one hour and without manual intervention. The Gyrolab huIgG kits are designed to quantify human IgG1, IgG2 and IgG4 in cell cultures.