Scaling and Stirring: Success Factors in Scale Up with Single-Use Benchtop Bioreactors

This webcast features: Cristina Bernal Martinez, Applications & Support Engineer, and Ann D’Ambruoso, Manager, Product Applications and Marketing, Getinge

Single-use systems allow for a faster and easier workflow while simultaneously reducing the risk of errors and contamination in the development process. Nonetheless, fundamental bioreactor principles must be understood to correctly scale up in single-use bioreactors. Learn about the design factors in Applikon’s single-use bioreactors and review common scale-up strategies based on tip speed, power input, and kLa. Furthermore, shear stress is potentially damaging to sensitive cell types and needs to be understood as well in the scale-up process. Recent experiments in 0.5L and 3L culture of erythroblasts for red blood cell production demonstrate successful application of these principles.

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