Taking Medium and Feed Development Beyond Maximizing Protein Titer to Optimizing Glycan Distribution and Simplifying Process Scale-Up

This webcast features: Serena Fries Smith, Process Science Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

EfficientFeedPlus Product ShotIn the early 2000s when many processes were struggling to achieve 1 g/L, maximizing titers was the industry’s biggest challenge and was essential to having favorable cost of goods and an economically viable product. Over the last 10-15 years, the industry has made significant advances in media and feeds. Due to these advancements, today a standard fed-batch process can typically achieve 3 g/L and some processes are achieving titers as high as 7 g/L. This increase in productivity is now enabling scientists to move beyond titer to focus their development resources on addressing other scientific challenges, which include product quality modulation and process scale-up.

One way that we are addressing these challenges is by leveraging feed solutions to target specific protein quality attributes and simplify manufacturing. Through changes in feeding regimen and feed composition, we have demonstrated the ability to dial in a specific galactosylation pattern. Through our knowledge of innovative feed formulation techniques, we have created super concentrated feeds that will maximize nutrient additions while minimizing volume changes in the bioreactor.

Join this webinar to learn how to leverage our expert techniques and strategies to address your specific process challenges and increase your speed to market.

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