ThawSTAR™ Automated Cell-Thawing System: Breakthrough Adaptive Sensing Technology for Reproducible, Standardized Cell Thawing

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Advances in cryopreservation techniques have been crucial for the substantial progress achieved in many fields, including cell biology research, drug discovery, bio-banking, and assisted reproduction. While cryopreservation techniques have markedly improved, downstream cell thawing techniques have thus far been neglected, even though proper thawing of cryopreserved materials is essential for optimal cell viability. The success of high-promise fields such as cellular therapy and regenerative medicine require reproducible and standardized handling of the therapeutic cells, which includes thawing both during manufacturing and prior to patient administration, to ensure effective patient response.

biocision_logo_2c_spot_tagline_titlecaseBioCision recognized cell thawing as a process that has been historically overlooked but is critical to the success of the overall process. Consequently, the company developed the ThawSTAR™ Automated Cell Thawing System – an instrument that senses the contents of each cryogenic vial and customizes a rapid thaw of the biological contents with high reproducibility and minimal risk of contamination.