The DeltaV™ PK Controller: Powerful Standalone — Easily Integrated

The PK Controller brings ground-breaking innovation and technology that is powerful standalone for small units and easily integrates into a plant-wide DCS. With faster logic execution, built-in native Ethernet ports and native device protocols, the DeltaV™ PK Controller addresses a wide variety of applications and system sizes. The fit-for-purpose controller enables you to have a single native database and system allowing you to shorten project schedule and accommodate late changes.

What is Powerful Standalone?
Operate and configure your standalone applications with PK Controller Engineering software and PK Controller Engineering Station. Standalone PK Controllers do not require a permanent connection to a ProPlus to operate, PK Controller Engineering Stations provide a temporary local connection. For increased availability, get easy redundancy by simply installing the redundant controller onto the carrier next to the primary – with no added cabinet space or configuration change!

What is Easily Integrated?
Most skids come from OEMs with PLCs that can be challenging and costly to integrate and map into your DeltaV DCS.The PK Controller seamlessly merges into a larger DeltaV system, resulting in a single native database and system allowing you to shorten project schedules, accommodate late changes, and streamline your automation strategy.


Get the ultimate flexibility in I/O.
The PK Controller supports most DeltaV I/O families including M-Series traditional, S-series traditional, CHARM I/O Cards and Wireless I/O cards enabling you to select the I/O family that best meets to specific needs of your application.


Reduced Footprint
Easy Redundancy – eliminate the splitting of I/O in different carriers/chassis adding more cost and footprint. The PK Controller enables you to add a redundant controller onto the carrier next to the primary without adding footprint or making configuration changes.

Readily Connect to Third-Party Devices -easily connect third-party devices such as panel HMIs and variable speed drives natively without the use of a dedicated Ethernet or I/O card

Ethernet Device Control Management – using six built-in Ethernet ports, the need for switches is eliminated in many applications. Native protocols include OPC UA Server, Modbus TCP client & server, and Ethernet/IP client.

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