The Importance of Real-Time CO2 Monitoring in Cell Culture

This webcast features: Oliver Berteau, Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industry Manager, METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics

Inline dissolved CO2 (dCO2) measurement and monitoring during cell culture offers significant benefits for process control impacting productivity and quality attributes. Real-time dCO2 measurement complements routine dissolved CO2 measurements with a blood gas analyzer (BGA) during preclinical and commercial operations. Animal and insect cells are more or less sensitive to the level of dCO2 during cell culture. Toxic below and beyond specific thresholds, dCO2 is also essential for cell metabolism. Maintaining an optimal dCO2 level in a culture medium makes it possible to optimize not only the productivity from batch to batch, but also to maintain the defined quality attributes.

Attending this webinar will allow you to better understand:

  • The role of dCO2 from a metabolic point of view and its impact on cells when dCO2 is accumulating in media
  • Why dCO2 is defined in cell culture as a critical parameter
  • The benefit of monitoring and controlling dCO2 during preclinical and commercial phase
  • How to better control a process when the dynamics of dCO2 accumulation are critical in order to maintain, from batch to batch, the consistency and yield expected

The goal of this presentation is to help build understanding, particularly through the use of examples, of the importance of dCO2 for monitoring and controlling a cell culture from the bench to the largest manufacturing scale.

During this webinar, the presenter will explain why dCO2 should be qualified as a critical process parameter, what actions can be taken based on dCO2 measurements, and how to implement real-time dCO2 measurement.

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