Using Single Use Pressure Sensors to Precisely Measure Volume in Your Bioprocess Container

This webcast features: Michele Bruder, Sensor Applications & Business Development Manager, PendoTECH

Accurately measuring volume in a flexible bioprocess container (BPC) is critical for many biopharmaceutical applications. In this webinar, PendoTECH® is presenting a cost-effective method to accurately measure volume in a BPC.

PendoTECH has recently developed novel Single Use Pressure Sensors™ for use in flexible BPCs to measure the volume of liquid in the BPC with a high degree of accuracy. These sensors can be easily integrated into most BPCs through PendoTECH’s custom port plate. By measuring hydrostatic pressure with PendoTECH’s High Resolution PressureMAT® products, the liquid level in a BPC can be precisely determined by applying Pascal’s Principle. Using the geometry of the container, the total volume of liquid can then be calculated.

For 10+ years, PendoTECH’s Single Use Pressure Sensors have demonstrated high accuracy and resolution; now, with this novel technology, it is possible to efficiently measure liquid volume in a BPC, thereby benefiting a wide variety of applications.

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