Validation of the MycoSeq Mycoplasma Detection Kit for the Release of Veterinary Products

This webcast features: Sébastien Lievyns, Scientist, and Dr. Anne Thomas, Senior Principal Scientist, Analytical Sciences, Zoetis

This webcast aims to show how Zoetis has validated the MycoSeq kit for the release of animal products. The Analytical Sciences group at Zoetis confirmed the limit of detection at 10 CFU/mL and good repeatability and intermediate precision of the qualitative mycoplasma qrt-PCR method in presence of these products.

For direct PCR performed on vaccine, a background amplification is sometimes observed inducing a signal suggesting a positive result for mycoplasmas. Several experiments showed that this is not due to the presence of mycoplasmas. Nevertheless this induces from time to time a Cq below the cut off when performing a direct extraction. In these cases an enrichment step is performed for confirmation. They validated this method following VICH guidelines with no major concern coming from regulatory authorities.

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