Viral Vector Empty Versus Full and Plasmid Quantitation Analytics for Accelerated Gene Therapy Time to Market

This webcast features: Joe Ferraiolo, Associate Director, Bioanalytics Applications, C Technologies, a Repligen Company

Analytical technologies play a crucial role in accelerating gene therapy speed to market. Dilution steps during protein and DNA quantitation measurements represent the single highest source of accuracy and precision errors. The SoloVPE® device provides a dilution-free workflow that saves time, reduces deviations, and facilitates multisite alignment. Multiple case studies from major biopharmaceutical companies describe execution in process development, analytical labs, and directly on good manufacturing practice (GMP) manufacturing floors. Applications for protein and gene therapies include case studies for protein quantitation, culture density, plasmid quantitation, and the potential assessment of viral vector analysis for empty versus full capsid determination.

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