Continuous Bioprocessing: A CMO’s Perspective

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U-Continuous-Biopro_230390aThe maturation of many process industries is marked by transition from batch to continuous processing. Often this move to con-tinuous processing determines the winners in the industry. Will the bioprocess industry go the same way? The analogy is often drawn to the chemical industry where continuous processing is widely applied. Although available for many decades continuous bioprocessing is not yet a mainstay of the industry. Currently there is a ground swell of feeling within the bioprocess industry that the time is right for this to change. Can an economic argument be made for contract manufacturing organisations to adopt continuous bioprocesses? The question is complex because cost of goods is only one driver of success in the bioprocess industry. Other drivers need to be considered such as time to market, development cost vs. chance of success at various stages of a project, regulatory expectations and how competition exerts economic pressure within the market. Continuous bioprocessing will stand or fall based on its fit to the drivers in the industry. This poster examines continuous bioprocessing in the light of the drivers within the industry. It finds that the immediate economic drivers for adopting continuous bioprocessing are weak, however its techni-cal benefits for biosimilar projects are considerable. In time these technical benefits may alter the economic landscape causing continuous bioprocesses to become more widely adopted.