Developability: Evaluating Specificity, Immunogenicity, Functionality, and Manufacturability for Lead Candidate Selection

This webcast features: Campbell Bunce, Chief Scientific Officer, Abzena

Developability assessment is based on multiple readouts that capture the fundamental characteristics of successful drug design: specificity, functionality, safety and manufacturability.

Developability assessment can severely reduce the time and expenditure required to take multiple lead candidates through expensive cell line development and manufacturing runs when the molecule has inherent liabilities that will inhibit its progress.

Why do it:

  • Identify liabilities and risk factors in drug candidates early in the development process
  • Scope to apply design alterations to fix/reduce liabilities
  • Select the best drug candidate(s) for development
  • Reduces risk and expenditure on later costly stages of development: production cell line generation and manufacture

What to expect from it:

  • Drug candidates ranked across multiple parameters
  • Establish and implement a plan to adjust drug design early in the process to mitigate risks
  • Lead candidate identified for manufacture with minimized cost and risk profile

Watch the recorded webcast below.

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