High Productivity Harvest – Intensify Harvest and Displace Depth Filtration in Fed Batch Cell Culture

This webcast features: John Bonham-Carter, Director of Upstream Sales, Repligen

High Productivity Harvest (HPH) is a novel application developed by Repligen that enables you to harvest a fed batch bioreactor in a fully sterile manner while eliminating both centrifugation and depth filtration. A 0.2µm filtered, closed system and single step process using the XCell™ ATF System, HPH can significantly increase yields above industry standards and generate a sterile clarified batch harvest ready for either batch or continuous chromatography. This webinar will demonstrate how HPH works, present initial results of up to a two-fold increase in protein production, and how you can apply HPH specific to your product need or facility design.

Watch the recorded webcast below.

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