Continuous Batch Chromatography and More: Multifunctional, Twin-Column Continuous Chromatography in a Simple, Robust Design

The LEWA EcoPrime® Twin LPLC multicolumn chromatography system is easy to use and GMP ready. It offers seamless scale-up for continuous batch chromatography from process development to large-scale biopharmaceutical production. The EcoPrime Twin platform spans a wide range of flow and column sizes and has several options to incorporate multiple functionality on a single unit. The EcoPrime Twin system is built on ChromaCon’s Contichrom patented approach to twin-column purification. Because of the two-column configuration, the EcoPrime Twin is a simple design that facilitates continuous chromatography implementation, reduces risk of costly downtime, and minimizes operating expenses. It is well suited for capture steps using protein A or ion-exchange (IEX) separations for monoclonal antibody, recombinant, or plasma purification processes.

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