Enabling Custom Solutions for Downstream Processing for Future Therapies: AAV Case Study

Featured_poros-captureselectThis webcast features: Orjana Terova, Purification Product Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

There is a need in the industry for a standard purification strategy for the manufacture of novel molecules including viral vectors and oligomeric therapies. Working with customers, Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed innovative purification resins through the POROS™ custom resin program and CaptureSelect™ ligand technology. This combination of ligand and resin development has allowed for development of platform purification processes that increase productivity and improve product yield for gene therapies.

In this webcast:

  • Learn how the POROS™ CaptureSelect™AAV8 and AAV9 affinity resins capture and purify AAV8 and AAV9 viral vectors
  • Learn how using these affinity resins improves the efficiency of downstream processing
  • Learn how using the resins maximizes productivity and scalability with consistent process results