Routinely Identify Low-Level Attributes – Fast and Accurately

This webcast features: Sibylle Heidelberger, Technical Marketing Manager for Biologics, SCIEX.

Biotherapeutic peptide mapping LC-MS acquisition methods can make it difficult to routinely identify low-level modifications, such as deamidation and oxidation.

This webinar discusses how the use of generic SWATH® Acquisition method on the benchtop X500B QTOF System and BioPharmaView™ Software allows you to confirm the identity of low-level attributes with fast and accurate batch analysis and processing.

She also presents how the use of this unbiased data-independent SWATH® Acquisition method will effectively create a high-quality digital record of a biologic sample for consistent and sensitive detection of low abundance critical quality attributes (CQAs).

You will learn:
  • How to utilize a simple, generic SWATH® Acquisition method to collect high-quality MS/MS on every detectable peptide in a biologic sample preparation, for confident identification of low level attributes
  • How to increase the throughput of routine peptide mapping analyses without compromising data quality and sensitivity
  • How to obtain an unbiased and complete digital record of a biologic sample that can be interrogated or compared with data from other project sites, without the need for sample reanalysis

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