CHOvolution™ Delivering Your Commercial Success: An Innovative Integrated Cell Line Development Platform

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Celonic_Logo_Claim-blauCelonic’s CHOvolution™ kit comes with a wide range of exceptional services and solutions, on top of high-performance cells. In addition to robust and highly efficient technology, we offer excellent technical support, including comprehensive protocols, audits, tailored workshops, and a 24-7 information access Internet-based platform with a hotline.

For any drug developer or service provider, cell line development is one of the most challenging phases, especially when subsequent GMP compliance is required. To boost and support successful commercial introduction of biological drugs to the market, Celonic has developed CHOvolution™, a cell line kit that can be used for a broad range of applications ranging from non-GMP R&D testing to GMP development and commercial market supply, with a support system to help throughout every step of development.

Celonic: Beyond Manufacturing

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