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Ask the Expert: CHT Column Packing Is Easier Than You Think

On 6 September 2017, Mark Snyder (manager of the process chromatography R&D applications group at Bio-Rad Laboratories) gave an “Ask the Expert” presentation on process-scale column packing with CHT ceramic hydroxyapatite media. Snyder’s Presentation CHT is an incompressible mixed-mode chromatography medium using cation exchange and calcium-affinity interactions, and it is available in 40-μm and 80-μm particle sizes. This medium can be used to purify monoclonal, polyclonal, and bispecific antibodies; antibody fragments; other recombinant proteins and isozymes; viruses, viral particles, and…

Optimized Purity and Recovery of a Monoclonal Antibody Using Mixed-Mode Chromatography Media

Purity, recovery, and elution volume are important factors and parameters when screening multiple media (resins) for the development of efficient, robust, and economical production processes. Among a selection of mixed-mode media evaluated for the purification of MAb S, CHT™ Ceramic Hydroxyapatite provided the best monomer recovery at 83% in the smallest elution volume with a target purity of 99.5%. Using a bind and elute strategy provided enhanced purification power compared to flow-through modes.