Hovione adds function materials through ExtremoChem acquisition

Hovione has acquired ExtremoChem, a firm focused on the development and commercialization of synthetic sugars to stabilize the performance of biopharmaceuticals.

The acquisition – of which financial details have not been divulged – will provide contract development manufacturing organization (CDMO) Hovione with a portfolio of rare sugars and synthetic analogues of molecules identified in extremophiles.

According to both parties, the addition of these functional materials are said to be capable of surviving in the most inhabitable environments and the sugars can possibly provide solutions associated with the stabilization of biopharmaceuticals during manufacturing, purification, formulation, and distribution.

“The novel Sugars platform has synergies with core competencies of Hovione: spray drying; dry powder inhalation; stabilization and processing of biologics, etc. We believe that, combined with our CDMO offering, this new platform provides improved solutions to our clients’ challenges in the formulation, manufacturing and processing biologics,” a spokesperson for Hovione told us.

Additionally, Hovione claimed the acquistion reinforces its dedication to advance its technology platforms. The CDMO will invest in current and new technologies to meet customer demand for development and production services in drug substance, drug product, and particle engineering.


The spokesperson said they could not disclose any specifics regarding staff and/or space gained via the acquisition.

“I am delighted that ExtremoChem has been acquired by Hovione. Hovione has a long history of developing and industrializing innovative technologies for the pharma industry. This acquisition will help ensure that the science we developed at ExtremoChem will have a wider and faster market adoption,” Filipe Aguiar, managing director of ExtremoChem commented.