Invetech launches closed autologous cell therapy tech

Invetech says its Korus technology will offer industry an autologous cell therapy system that provides an option with minimal tech transfer challenges.

With the Korus system launched this week, Invetech is targeting autologous cell therapy developers, including those in the CAR-T, TIL, NK, DC therapeutics areas, who are looking to start their cell therapy manufacturing process with cleaner lymphocyte or monocyte populations – and improve their overall manufacturing yield.

The closed system includes elutriation and cell wash using gentle counterflow centrifugation and the firm claims it has supporting data demonstrating improved manufacturing performance compared to samples prepared by standard washing.

“Korus, like other elutriation-based devices, can save overall process cost by reducing the amount of off-target cells in starting material which can reduce expensive inputs like virus and selection agents,” an Invetech spokesperson told BioProcess Insider.

“Its wide processing volume range also allows autologous cell therapy makers to process an entire apheresis in one pass for elutriation, instead of having to use multiple units. It is also capable of performing downstream wash and concentrate processes down to 25ml.”

According to the firm, the Korus system can result in a 31% purer lymphocyte population, 49% improvement in T cell recovery after selection, 70% more T cells during expansion, and a 2.5x improvement in manufacturing yield.

It will also give industry an elutriation option that can handle relevant volume ranges from 25 ml to 5 L, we were told. “With the uncertainty around the availability of legacy elutriation systems in 2023, Korus provides an option with minimal tech transfer challenges.”