Sartorius showcases freezing, filling, and mAb capturing tech

Bioprocess giant Sartorius launched four products at Biotech Week Boston in September 2022. Miriam Monge, head of Marketing Fluid Management Technologies, walks us through them.

First on display on the floor of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center was Sartorius’ Celsius FFT, a large-volume bulk drug substance storage and transport system. According to Monge, such an offering is unique in its scale, and as a full platform, consisting of a blast freezer, a fill and drain station, a lift, a mixer, and a shipping solution for handling palletized frozen container.

Next up was a smaller-scale version, which can be used in conventional freezers. According to Monge, the technology was used to store and transport the Pfizer COVID vaccine during the pandemic.

Then Monge presented the Linkit AX, a technology for aliquoting small quantities of process fluid from media preparation to further downstream. “It can be used for simultaneous filling of media, for example, it doesn’t have to be done separately. So it’s much faster than traditional single-use manifolds and of course it can be used in new applications like advanced therapies, cell therapies, etc.”

Finally, Sartorius’ latest Rapid Cycling Chromatography (RCC) offering – added through the collaboration and consequent acquisition of Novasep – was on display. “This is quite revolutionary compared to traditional resin-based chromatography. The productivity levels that you can get with this sort of system are abut 14 times higher, and that’s been proved by the data that was presented at the conference.”

The full interview is below: