A New AEX Mixed-Mode Chromatography Resin for High Selectivity and Recovery

This webcast features: Dr. Xuemei He, R&D Manager, Chromatography Media Chemistry, Bio-Rad Laboratories

Biomolecules are becoming more diversified and complex. Bio-Rad’s newest hydrophobic AEX chromatography resin, Nuvia aPrime 4A, is engineered with distinct balance of ligand density and hydrophobicity. In this webinar, Dr. Xuemei He will introduce the properties of Nuvia aPrime 4A Resin. This mixed-mode resin is designed to facilitate selective and reversible binding of target molecules for higher purity and recovery over traditional chromatography resins. Case studies will be presented to demonstrate the efficient removal of product and process related impurities during the purification of biomolecules with acidic and basic isoelectric points.


  • Introduction
  • Method Development
  • Applications

Watch the recorded webcast below.

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