Accelerate Biologic Process Development and GMP Manufacturing Using In-Line Concentration Measurement

This webcast features: Ramsey Shanbaky, Associate Director, Bioprocess Applications, Repligen

In-process measurement is the key to process monitoring and control. It can save time and money by helping you identify key aspects of your process in real-time.

In this webcast, we will demonstrate how the CTech™ FlowVPX™ Slope Spectroscopy System, when directly integrated in one or more locations of a process stream, has helped reveal process characteristics that until now have been hidden due to the limitations of the most used online fixed pathlength UV-visual solutions.

Variable Pathlength Technology (VPT) has revolutionized the in-line measurement of concentration by delivering rapid and highly accurate real-time results on the widest range of samples and concentrations (from less than 1 mg/mL to over 300 mg/mL).

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding what VPT is and how it differs from traditional UV-vis techniques and equipment.
  • Learning how the FlowVPX System can help increase process understanding, improve cycle time, and ensure high quality, reproducible results.
  • Analyzing real world data from multiple workflow applications including continuous chromatography, capture and polish chromatography, ultra-filtration/diafiltration, and formulation.


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