Cell Culture Media Analysis Using a Handheld Raman Analyzer with Onboard Chemometrics

This webcast features: Orville Dean Stuart, Technical Regional Sales Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

This webinar presents the use of a handheld Raman analyzer with onboard chemometrics to verify the identify and monitor the quality and batch-to-batch variability of both dry powder chemically defined media and ready-to use liquid cell culture media.

While scans of cell culture media using Thermo Scientific’s TruScan RM handheld Raman analyzer produce spectra with good Raman features, due to similar constituents and formulations, the TruTools add-on chemometric software package is required to verify cell culture media specifically. Formulation complexity or mixtures with similar components at different concentrations require additional chemometric algorithms to allow accurate identification. TruTools offers advanced preprocessing, qualitative discrimination, and a platform to deploy customized chemometric models including PCA and PLSDA on board the handheld Raman device.

Using the Raman analyzer with onboard chemometrics, we can spectroscopically monitor the long-term storage of media and alert of changes due to degradation. This goes to the heart of understanding and controlling batch-to-batch variability of media due to incoming quality or aging.

Watch the recorded webcast below.