A Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Prediction of Mixer Scale-Up: imPULSE™ Single-Use Mixing Systems

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ASI-Downstream-2014ASI-Life Sciences commissioned a CFD study of our imPULSE single-use mixing systems to predict and characterize the mixing performance of the systems across small, medium and large vessels and fluid viscosities.

One characterization from the study as you will see in Figure 1 of the poster was the rate at which the momentum from the mixing disc transferred through the fluid. As you can see in the Figure within 5 seconds, fluid motion was achieved in the 250 L, 1,500 L and 5,000 L vessels.

It was also important for ASI to characterize the scalability across the small, medium and large vessels. To determine this characterization, flow circulation patterns were observed in the three vessels. In Figure 2, you will notice that flow circulation patterns were relatively unchanged. This pattern determines that the mixers perform in a similar manner at each size due to its linearly scaled design.

In conclusion, this poster illustrates the results of our CFD study concluding that the mixing technology drives a circulating bulk flow consistently and within five seconds across small, medium and large vessels. The imPULSE Single-Use mixing system provides superior and consistent mixing in a linearly scaled design.