Contract Test Services from Associates of Cape Cod, Inc.: Specializing in Testing for Endotoxin and Glucan Contamination

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Associates of Cape Cod,® Inc. Contract Test Service (CTS) laboratory specializes
in testing for endotoxin and glucan contamination and has notable experience in
endotoxin testing. CTS performs all methods of the BET assay: gel-clot, chromogenic,
and turbidimetric.

CTS is GMP compliant and ISO registered. We’re licensed by the DEA as a laboratory
capable of handling all controlled drug substances except those included in Schedule I.
Endotoxin testing can be performed in accordance with FDA, USP, EP and/or JP,
depending on client specifications.

CTS services are also available out of our UK offices and Inter-Laboratory
Performance Qualification (ILPQ) services are available out of our German office. See
the page 4 for office contact information.