Development of an IEX Purification Process for Lentiviral Vectors

This webcast features: Sushmita Koley, PhD, Senior Scientist, Process Chromatography, Bio-Rad Laboratories.

In recent years, gene therapy treatments have increased significantly requiring more efficient processes to purify and deliver these therapeutics. Lentiviral vectors (LVV) are a type of retrovirus and are an effective tool for gene delivery.

In this webinar, data will be presented on a high-throughput screening strategy that was employed for LVV purification which provided high yield as well as acceptable HCP clearance.

An initial high-throughput screening experiment was carried out to broadly evaluate anion exchange resins that exhibited high LVV recovery. LVV stability was studied in parallel, and conditions were established where the vector exhibited good stability. A second screening was then carried out with a subset of resins selected from the first screen under stable conditions to identify optimal wash and elution steps to further improve the product yield and protein clearance.

The large set of data provided in this work represents an important contribution to knowledge in the field about the chromatographic efficacy of a wide range of resins for LVV bioprocessing under stable conditions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how current work describes downstream process development for LVV using chromatographic adsorbents.
  • Understand the high-throughput screening (HTS) technique that was employed to evaluate around 30 anion exchange adsorbents for capturing LVV in bind-elute mode.
  • Observe the Macro-Prep High Q resin that was one of the top-performing chromatographic adsorbents which provided both enhanced LVV recovery as well as process impurity clearance.

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