From Integrated Engineering to Integrated Operations: Solutions For Live Operation

From Integrated Engineering to Integrated Operations: This innovation step extends the digital value chain to include the operational phases of a pharmaceutical plant.

In the last few years, ZETA has developed a digital toolbox and methodology and established the Smart Engineering Services. Faster time to market, greater cost-effectiveness and competitive capacity are the customer’s motivations for prompting ZETA to develop this proposal. End-to-end engineering, feasibility studies, concept, basic and detailed engineering up to fabrication and qualification are included in the portfolio.

With the approach, ZETA provides its customers with all of the expertise it has acquired over many years. In this way, ZETA creates an infrastructure from the integration of the tool chain to the object catalog for handling complex projects – and very importantly: ZETA ensures that the project partners are trained and supervised over the duration of the project in order to leverage the advantages of the integrated approach.

The next level: From Integrated Engineering to Integrated Operations

And now it’s on to the crucial next innovation step, which shall continue the trip into the digital value chain through the operational phases of a pharma plant. For ZETA, the view is broadened through: Validation, training, maintenance, standards, data security, to name only a few keywords.

All of which are now coming into focus and grouped around the goal of developing solutions for the live operation and meaningfully re-using the engineering data in the operational business.

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