Increase Protein Yield through Optimization of Suspension CHO Transient Transfection

Cell-Transfection-smThis webcast features: Laura Juckem, PhD, R&D Group Leader, Mirus Bio

High efficiency transient transfections of suspension CHO cells enable researchers to bridge upstream and downstream processes and provide confidence that recombinant protein will have the same properties throughout the drug discovery pipeline.

To address this need, Mirus Bio has developed the TransIT-PRO® Transfection Kit to maximize plasmid DNA delivery and therefore recombinant protein yield.

There are several important parameters to consider during transient transfection including: (1) growth media compatibility, (2) cell density at the time of transfection and (3) titer differences based on intrinsic protein properties. Identifying and optimizing these factors can lead to multi-fold increases in protein titers following transient transfection.

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