KrosFlo KR2i with KONDUiT: Turnkey Benchtop System for Walkaway TFF Automation

This webcast features: Philip Yuen, PhD, Application Scientist, Repligen

Perform efficient, fully automated downstream tangential flow filtration with volumes from 1mL to 10 Liters. Fully integrated and easy to use out of the box, the Spectrum® KrosFlo® KR2i TFF System from Repligen is the lowest priced fully automated system available today that delivers precise and reproducible control and documentation of TFF processes. The system is compatible with hollow fiber or flat sheet filters, and offers a number of user-defined set-point controls so you can run complex applications in fully-automated modes. The system is designed to run pre-assembled single-use Pro-Connex® flow path assemblies, and a fully integrated software that records pressures, mass, and flow rates in real-time. This webinar will introduce the all-new KONDUiT module that adds new functionalities for monitoring conductivity, UV and temperature, enabling true walkaway automated process control.