Minimizing Resources in Developing Commercial Virus Filtration Processes with Planova BioEX

This webcast features: Roya Dayani, Senior Product Manager, Asahi Kasei Bioprocess Europe

Establishing a virus filtration step in biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing process may require a large amount of resources (i.e., time, manpower and cost). These can be minimized with swift process development, smooth scale-up and worry-free operations.

In this webinar Asahi Kasei Bioprocess will answer the question “What are the main requirements for a virus filter at each phase?”. You will learn through different case studies the filtration performances of Planova BioEX with regards to robustness, scalability, flexibility and consistency, even in challenging conditions.

In addition, how these features contribute in rapid and cost-effective process development during the different clinical phases will be explained.