Optimizing Your Excipient Screening for Vaccine Formulation with an Ultra-Pure Pharmaceutical Gelatin

This webcast features: Jeroen Geeraerts, Business Development Manager, Biomedical, Rousselot

The world is working at an unprecedented pace to develop a safe and effective vaccine to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, five candidate vaccines are in clinical evaluation, and many more are in preclinical testing. Different types of vaccines are being developed using multiple strategies and platforms. Among them are several inactivated-virus and live-attenuated–virus candidate vaccines.

As an excipient, gelatin is a key component in many vaccine formulations. Well-known examples include the Fluenz Tetra (Astra Zeneca), MMR-II and MMR VaxPro (Merck), VariVax (Merck), YF-Vax (Sanofi), and Zostavax (Merck) vaccines. In this webinar, we will elaborate gelatin’s functionalities as a protective agent and collapse-temperature modifier during the lyophilization process and as a stabilizer to help maintain the effectiveness of live-attenuated vaccines during shelf life. The use of ultra-pure pharmaceutical gelatins in formulation testing is recommended even at the preclinical stage to develop safe vaccines.

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