Screen Smarter Not Harder: Expand and Accelerate Your Cell Line & Viral Vector Screening

This webcast features: Andres Castillo, Portfolio Manager, Sartorius & Shanya Jiang, PhD, Portfolio Manager, Sartorius.

Viral-based therapies like gene therapy or vaccine development require broad and thorough process screening before transitioning into optimization. Screening sets the stage to choose the best performing media, key parameters, and cell lines with minimal variability before optimizing the critical process parameters (CPPs) and critical quality attributes (CQAs).

In this 15 minute webcast, Andres Castillo and Shanya Jiang, PhD from Sartorius present an automated and data-driven methodology for media selection during early process development to streamline development and ultimately accelerate time-to-market. They cover the following practices:

  • Automated, high-throughput, multi-parallel investigation using a sophisticated design of experiments (DoE) approach.
  • Characterizing and quantifying cell line and virus production.
  • Data-analytics software suites that can be applied throughout the process to quickly obtain illuminating insights.

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