Simulation and Optimization Software for a Chromatographic Step

biosc predictThis webcast features: Thomas Flouquet, Area Sales Manager/Application Specialist for low pressure chromatography

BioSC® Predict is the first simulation and optimization software for the development of chromatography processes dedicated to the purification of biopharmaceuticals. Its innovation was recognized at the Achema 2015 Awards in the Pharmaceutical Engineering category.

With a few clicks, the user can easily generate batch, parallel batch or continuous chromatography recipes and directly run them on BioSC® technology, with any adsorption media.

BioSC® Predict is driven by the user’s objectives: it can define the practical constraints and the desired strategy (limit the amount of expensive chromatography media, for example). The optimization algorithms will provide the most adapted operational conditions (number and geometry of columns, flow rates, etc.)

This webcast will demonstrate how the software works, and how customizable it is for user needs. Optimized recipes will be presented taking into account parameters such as process type, feed titer, load velocity, number of columns, and height of bed.

BioSC® Predict has been designed to work easily for all users, and will help those looking to increase their understanding of continuous chromatography processes.

Download the Lite Version of BioSC® Predict on the Novasep website to have a preview of its efficiency.

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