Streamlining of Process Characterization Using an Automated Reactor System

This webcast features: Kyle Deluca, Senior Scientist, Engineering & Felix Milman, Specialist, Engineering, Merck.

In an effort to improve the efficiency of large molecule process characterization work, the Bioconjugation and Chemistry Commercialization team at Merck looked to automate steps involved in the production of its vaccine pipeline candidates. The actions taken by the team included installation of an automated reactor system that would provide new process capability and allow reactions to be completed outside of business hours, while improving process consistency and robustness.

In addition, a software tool automating iControl recipe generation was developed to simplify user experience during recipe setup for the process; a process including many steps, conditions, loops, and complex calculations. The team saw substantial improvements in its work processes and implemented controls that standardized and digitalized its work.

In this webinar, learn about improvements made, as well as equipment leveraged and lessons learned via the implementation process.

Key Takeaways:

  • Coordinate and harmonize vaccine development project design and execution.
  • Integrate data-rich information from biophysical sensors, particle characterization and spectroscopy PAT.
  • Reduce variability and improve efficiency between scientists.
  • Use vaccine development workstations to automate DoE, structure data, and integrate with digital records.

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