The Unique Benefits of Presterilized Fluoropolymer Bottles: Case Studies in Vaccine Delivery Applications

This webcast features: Eric Isberg, Vice President, Life Sciences, Savillex

Fluoropolymers are the ultimate materials for use in bioprocess applications, providing increased purity, compatibility, inertness, and security for process fluids and bulk product. Bottles and vials manufactured from fluoropolymers have the added benefits of having virtually no leachables and extractables, a very wide service temperature range including performance down to liquid nitrogen temperatures, and unmatched durability, including being essentially unbreakable during use. This presentation will highlight the benefits of presterilized fluoropolymer bottles for a variety of innovative product storage and shipment applications. Real-world case studies in vaccine and regenerative medicine applications will be used to illustrate how Purillex bottles are being used to speed therapeutic products to market and improve patient outcomes.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the advantages of fluoropolymers for vaccine and regenerative medicine storage and shipping
  • Identifying problems with common containers that can reduce final product stability
  • Examining real-world case studies of presterilized fluoropolymer bottle applications

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