The Way Forward in Therapeutic Antibody Purification

This webcast features: Dr. Anna Le Bris, Senior Application Specialist and Trainer, Thermo Fisher

The development of therapeutic antibodies has made an enormous progression in the last decades. Antibodies have become the predominant class of biological drugs and are used to treat a variety of diseases such as cancer. Recently, neutralizing antibodies to halt infectious diseases are entering the clinical pipeline, including against Sars-Cov2.

Affinity purification platforms such as Protein A or L are well established in the manufacturing process of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. However, with the development of engineered modalities such as bispecific antibodies, fragments, and Fc-fusion proteins, challenges in the downstream process of these molecules arise. Affinity chromatography resins, specifically developed to bind antibody-subdomain regions, can provide an alternative solution in the purification process of these new formats, thus advancing the commercial production of new antibody therapeutics.

Join us for this webinar to learn more on novel affinity chromatography solutions and how they can help overcome challenges in the downstream process of your novel antibody therapeutic.

Viewers of this webinar will discover:

  • How novel affinity purification solutions can improve efficiency of a downstream process.
  • Affinity chromatography alternatives to Protein A and L, including purification examples of novel antibody modalities.
  • How affinity chromatography could also benefit your antibody polishing process.

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