Transient Technologies to Deliver Consistently High AAV Titers

This webcast features: Dr. Jason King, Business Development Manager, OXGENE

Adenoassociated virus (AAV) is often the vector of choice for gene therapies; in fact, AAV represents around 37% of the current advanced therapies market. And when it comes to manufacturing AAV for in vivo gene therapies, developers must pursue triplicate goals of quality, quantity, and speed.

Here, Dr. Jason King presents the quality, titer, and regulatory advantages of OXGENE’s AAV plasmid system. He discusses the key quality considerations of WuXi Advanced Therapies’ (WuXi ATU) plasmid manufacturing processes, including a real-world example of accelerated manufacture and delivery timelines, before demonstrating the performance of the AAV plasmid system at scale in WuXi ATU’s AAV suspension platform, standardization and optimization of which allows for consistently high results and accelerated time to market.

Key takeaways:

  • OXGENE’s AAV plasmid system offers higher titers and improved quality compared to industry standard.
  • WuXi ATU’s world-class plasmid DNA production is antibiotics-free from clone selection, through to banking and manufacture, conferring a significant regulatory advantage.
  • WuXi ATU’s AAV suspension manufacturing platform delivers consistently high titers in any serotype, at any scale and in any equipment.

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