Use of ScreenExpert RoboColumns for High Throughput Study of Loading Conditions on HyperCel™ STAR AX and MEP HyperCel Sorbents for MAb Purification in Flow-Through Mode

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The use of HyperCel STAR AX and MEP HyperCel sorbents for MAb polishing provides efficient contaminant removal. A study to screen loading conditions for MAb purification in flow-through mode on MEP HyperCel and HyperCel STAR AX sorbents was conducted using 200 μL ScreenExpert RoboColumns. The study demonstrates the suitability of ScreenExpert RoboColumns for scale down evaluation of chromatographic parameters, and the good consistency with data obtained on 1 mL PRC prepacked columns.

ScreenExpert RoboColumns allow loading of high sample volume per mL of sorbent and mimic dynamic adsorption phenomena. Those two criteria are of particular interest in flow-through mode purification while the use of 96-well plates is limited for such applications. The miniaturized format offers substantial advantages to conduct high throughput optimization for the use of sorbents like HyperCel STAR AX and MEP HyperCel sorbents for MAb polishing, including limited feedstock consumption and reduced run time.

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